Twilight is a Scottish traditional music group that has been evolving in the Quebec City area since 2001, and is enjoying great success in its particular niche. Combining instrumental music, Scottish and Irish Gaelic songs and folklore, Twilight can shake hands and shudder the feet of guests.

N opened! Twilight is pleased to welcome two new members, Marie-Noëlle Harvey and Pierre Chartray. Welcome to our new friends!

The music

Twilight thus offers traditional Scottish music, closer to a dance style than the more well-known military tradition (no, we do not play Scotland the Brave or Amazing Grace …). He draws his pieces in the repertoire of the Highlands but also in the lesser known but equally rich, the Lowlands and the bagpipe associated more with this type of music (border pipes). Twilight also incorporates Irish traditional and original pieces into its repertoire. In addition to instrumental pieces – reels, jigs, hornpipes, piobroch   (old style, and bewitching, Scottish music), tunes and strathspeys – Twilight also offers songs, sung in English and Scottish Gaelic. English songs are texts from the repertoire of Anglo-Scottish folksongs set to music by Twilight. Gaelic songs come from the traditional Highland repertoire, where spirit and melancholy come together easily.


Twilight is proud to represent the instruments most directly associated, and for more than two hundred years, with Scottish music: bagpipes, harp and violin. The instruments used by Twilightmembers are: border pipes, scottish smallpipes, great highland bagpipes, celtic harp, cistre, violin, bodhran, guitar, recorder and voice.

Twilight members

Christian (border pipes, scottish small pipes, great highland bagpipes,) is an essentially self-taught musician. He studied the great highland bagpipes at Celtart School, formerly located on De la Couronne Street in Quebec City, and deepened his knowledge at North Hero’s Piper’s Gathering in the summer of 2004. His interests are particularly at the level of old music. Scottish dance, both Highland and Scottish Lowland.
     Dominic (song, harp, cister) is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, graduated from the Notre-Dame-de-Foy Campus in popular and classical music (vocals). Following his college studies, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in classical music (singing) at Laval University. His academic adventure led him to Nova Scotia where he studied Celtic Harp and Gaelic singing at the prestigious Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts located on Cape Breton. A devotee of writing, versification and composition, Dominic is also a graduate of Université Laval in Creative Writing. He currently teaches music at the Cascades School of Music in Beauport.
     Since 1984, Marie-Noëlle and her violin have been an inseparable couple. Having acquired a mostly classical training in private weekly classes for more than twenty years, she now chooses to pass on her passion to future violinists, whether they are small or bigger. Parallel to her work as a teacher, she discovered, a few years ago, a craze for Celtic music; her adventure in the world of folk music will begin at the festivities of New France, 2006 editions. It is with great enthusiasm that she joins now the group Crépuscule to make the crowds dance under the cheerful tunes of her violin and the frenzied rhythm of his bow.


Historical animationTwilight can occur in modern, medieval or New France contexts, adopting instrumentation and repertoire for the occasion.
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