Present on the Celtic scene of their region for almost ten years already, CRÉPUSCULE is a group of Scottish traditional music of the region of Quebec. Made up of Marie-Noëlle Harvey (violin), Christian Haerinck (border pipes, scottish smallpipes, great highland bagpipes), Dominic Haerinck (guitar, voice and harp) and Jean-François Gagné (percussion), the band perpetuates a musical current rooted in the past but strongly anchored in the present.

Combining instrumental music, songs and folklore, TWILIGHT draws its repertoire from the traditional music of the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands. Offering melodies where spirit and melancholy intertwine easily, he favors a style closer to dance music than the more well-known military tradition (no, he does not play Scotland the Brave or Amazing Grace …). The band also incorporates traditional Irish melodies and compositions into its repertoire. In addition to the instrumental pieces – reels, jigs, tunes and strathspeys – the quartet also performs songs in English, French and Scottish Gaelic, whose traditional lyrics are either set to music by the band or interpreted with the original tunes.

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